please help to connect our forms with database.
I know make forms and connecting that forms.i know creating tables in database and inserting values in idea about connecting forms and data base.pls help me.we use sql server 2008.i am a beginner in

Please ask a specific question. what code have you developed so far?

We designed a login form. WE want to enter username and password and store those in a table. How can we do that?

hello ! you can do it like this

'first import then
dim myCon as new sqlconnection("your connection string")
dim cmd as new sqlcommand
cmd.commandtext="insert into tablename (field1,field2,field3) values (@field1,@field2,@field3)"
cmd.parameter.add("@field1",______).value = txtvalue1.text 'in place of ___ write datatype of your field in your db.
cmd.parameter.add("@field2",______).value = txtvalue2.text
cmd.parameter.add("@field3",______).value = txtvalue3.text'if you have datatype of your field in your db is int , decimal , bigint, etc then use val(txtvalue.text)

this will insert your data in your table . well i write this code here , so may be there are some spelling mistakes , check them by your own self .
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