I would like to know any information about "UML Diagram Generator" from the code or if there is any good software which can enable me to make quick UML Diagrams from the code for my University Assignments.

I have been looking for one but did not find anything good. Is there any plugin for Eclipse, Netbeans or JCreater which can help me make UMLs? or any other good IDE which has this capability which I don't know about?

I would greatly appreciate if anyone could share anything good about this issue so I can quickly make UMLs for my Java codes and save time for other classes.

Thank You in Advance.

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There is plugin for IntelliJ but you would have to have Commercial version, not community. There is Poseidon for UML that has community edition, but I have no idea how much you can do with it...

Thanks A Lot "JamesCherrill" && "peter budo" for replying, I greatly appreciate for your time.

I would take a look at both and see which one suits me better.

If anyone else has any other good findings please do let me know.

Thanks again to repliers.

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