I want to parse the IP packet using SharpPcap and PacketDotNet functions.. The code is:

 private static void device_OnPacketArrival(object sender, CaptureEventArgs e)
 var p = PacketDotNet.Packet.ParsePacket(e.Packet.LinkLayerType, e.Packet.Data);

            if (p != null)
                var tcp = PacketDotNet.TcpPacket.GetEncapsulated(p);
                if (tcp != null)




where the functions refers to a handler for the event when a packet is recieved...

It parses some packets accurately but on some packets exception is raised
" TotalLength 0 < HeaderMinimumLength 20" , A first chance exception of type 'System.InvalidOperationException' occurred in PacketDotNet.dll...

This exception refers to the first line of the code
"var p = PacketDotNet.Packet.ParsePacket(e.Packet.LinkLayerType, e.Packet.Data);" and
"e.packet.LinkLayerType" is pointed by visual studio...

plz plz help, how can i get over it....