I'm having a problem with a module in a program written in powerbuilder
An event is triggered when the user change the focus to a specified textbox
the event creates local variables that I set to null, then I read a string that comes from the lecture of a driver licence. The string returned is ALWAYS in order, so I tokenize it according a specified character and save the tokens in my local variables

The problem that Im having is that my program reads the string in different order. For example, the string I recieve is always in the order: type of licence, first name, second name, surname, date of birth, expiration date and number of licence. But I am having the second name, surname, first name, etc, everything disordered..I check the value of the string that I recieve and it is ALWAYS in correct order, so it must be hapening something inside my program that changes the value of the string when readed

What is really strange is that, after a bad lecture, the value of the variables that I create in the event keeps in memory. Why? I create them localy and set them to null before use them. Once I close the module, all the local variables are supouse to be free, but what happend to me yesterday is that even I close the aplication, ALL THE VARIABLES STILL HAD THEIR LAST VALUE!
Why???? Windows is supouse manage the system memory, so I think there's a problem no with my program but Windows, so I went to an expertise who told me to "clean the buffer of Windows" Does anyone here know how to do that?

Additional info:
I make all the test in a virtualized XP, and the lecture never fails, no problems at all. But when I go and do the same test in the user pc, it fails.
I am running in Windows 7.

thanks in advance. This problem is driving me crazy!

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Send me a copy of the program and I'll test it on my computer. Might be a problem with the pc you're trying to use.

Uninitialized variables
Program runs in the same memory
Programmer did something wrong

These are my guesses...

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