So i am currently working on a project about enrollment system
and I am having a problem with transferring items from one
listview to another. I've been stuck on this problem for a while now.
And I'm wonder if you guys and help me out.
Here's a photo:

I want to be able to transfer from the lower right form's listview
to the other form's listview.

you can add a selection form where the user can select which subject the student is taking.

hello !
you can use this code at the double click event of the listbox whose value you want to show.


hope this code helps you , if yes then please vote me up :)


Hello wagasaslammmeo thanks but I tried this instead EnrollmentForm.lvwEnrollment.Items.Add(lvwSubjects.FocusedItem.Text)

it does work but it only transfer the first columns how do I transfer the remeaning columns

I already solved it ty