I have a server in python and client in java and i want to share images through the socket how can i do so? help plz

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That's what transfer protocols are for. As long as you abide to them, you will not face any cross-language incompatibilities. This reply is to the best of my knowledge, though you may want to give it a practical try once.

Lemme explain; suppose I build a java client to send a connection request to "wwww.google.com" using the URI connection classes in the JDK, I get a valid reply consisting of the html for the page. The client in this case is in Java, while the server, most probably, is not.

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Read this first:


It describes the exact communication methodology used for transfer of Files from server to client. For more detail, refer to the external links at the end of the page which is being linked to.

If you have the python code under control, make it as per FTP specifications and do the same with the Java code. Then, give a run to your project - it should work fine.

To make your client as per FTP, you can use an API to simplify things. This thread should help you: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/295178/what-java-ftp-client-library-should-i-use

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