If RGB(170,255,213) gives a pastel green color display then what is the color code I should use if I want a deeper green color tone display? Is there a list of the color display codes for C++? or where I can lookup for sample color displays? ;)

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Umm, I believe the RGB coding is standard.
What I mean here is that if RGB(170,255,213) = green when displayed in C++, it should be the same when displayed in any other places.
I've found something relevant for you though.
RGB Color Chart

how to change the color in c++ programing using visual c++?

Color disply codes for C++?

i would like to know some numbers to set the different colors in C++ programming?????

C++ knows nothing of colours. C++ knows nothing of your screen. To alter colours on the screen, you will have to go looking for information on the C++ libraries provided with your operating system, which are available to you through the API.

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