Hello people.

I'm designing a little app, and due to my lack of XP, I hope for some advices on how to deploy it.

The App: It's simple Java app. There are many sub-functionalities" like: logging, sending a log via email, error handling, and others about XML technology. But to make it short, the main use of it is : to sniff a distant directory, on a regular basis, pick up some files for treatment, and write on a database.

The concern: while I thought deploying it as a jar would be sufficient, I’m told that it would be best to deploy it as a war. I have doubts, since there is, for now, no web page associated to the app. More, if it works well, it could be extended to an ear.

What do you guys think of it ?
Thanks in advance.

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I vote for the simplest solution that will do the job - in this case a jar.

what kind of application are we talking about? desktop? web? ..
as far as I can conclude out of your post, I'm with JamesCherrill on this, and would recommend a jar file.

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