Hello all.
Can i get some help with my homework please. Im quite literally staring at a blan screen with very little done. Ive been quite sick recently and lost ground with the class. Ive watched You Tube videos and read oop books but to avail.

I have to make a flight programme.
Each flight has a number(starting with the letters AM and be followed by 5 digits), a day of the week that the flight travels, destination and the number of seats booked.

THe methods being used are two constructors( one with parameter and one without assue theat in both cases that the number of seats booked is intialised to 0). accesor/getter and mutator/setter methods, a method to display the flight details and a method to calculate and return the number of free seats remainging(assuming each flight has a maximum of 10 )

Please help

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That sounds like you've got the record (class) started.
Now you have to write your application (class) which will read and write your records.
Then, you can write your GUI with the functionality to create, update, and delete your records.

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