Hi all, first post here, please excuse the newbieness!!

I am a complete and total beginner to web development in all forms other than mediocre HTML and CSS. Please be gentle and use small words!! :-)

I have recently installed Microsoft's Visual Web Developer 2010 Express in order to have a go at learning how a small website might make use of VB.NET and SQL Server Compact.

What I'd like to do is have one single table in SQL where I'm going to store data. On the main webpage I'd like two or three form fields which I can type text data into, click a button (call it "upload") which will store that data into the database table. This bit I've almost got sorted, but what I also would like (and this is the bit I've struggled with) is in the HTML of the webpage I'd like to display the information I've just uploaded to the database in paragraphs (maybe a <p> for each form field I entered above).

The paragraphs would need to display the most recent "upload" of data into the table.

Would anyone be kind enough to help with this please because I've not got a clue how to achieve this!

Many thanks.

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How you decide which is the most recent upload ?

Are you storing the upload date and time in the DB table ?

Hi Debasisdas, thanks for the reply, to be honest it doesn't have to be the most recent, just the last entry in the table will suffice. Either that or the data in the table is overwritten each time something new is stored (so there is only ever one entry in the table).

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