ok....not too sure how i could do this one, i have to create a vb .net pc radio application

but i have to create it so that the user can scan for radio stations. when in scan mode the radio will scan through frequencies and pause for 3 seconds when a station is found. when a station is found the user can select the station, which will then be the station that is currently being played on the radio. the radio should be able to tune to at least 20 stations and their frequency and smart names (eg. 1548 MW Forth 2) should be stored internally in the software (NOT in an external file) and the user must be able to cancel scanning at any time

I just havent a clue how i could do this one...

any suggestions :-(

im really *** with vb .net and working out code isnt really my strong point, i know what i wanna do (as above) just cant quite work out how to get it down in code :-(

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i dont exactly. Its just a template. ive to assume that the hardware has been developed and i have just to develop the software component to allow the tuner to be controlled from within vb .net...
argh, confusing.


OK. Then how does this fictional piece of hardware offer it's data to you? What does the data look like? Is it a file or a stream or...?

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There is really not a safe way to save information "internally" in a program. Even the .NET My.Settings will be saved externally when changed. Virus protectors will not allow you to alter the data internal to an EXE, doing so will trigger an alert.

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