i m working on a project and i want to implement a java code such that if user enters a number say 5 then after submitting on the next frame 5 textboxes should be displayed??
please help me!!

well you simply creat 5 textboxes dinamically, there is no big deal:

int user_input  = getUserInput(); //your method to get this input
   int count = 0;
   while(count <= user_input){
      JTextField dinamyc_textfield = new JTextField();
      dinamyc_textfield.setBounds(/*Do some math here to get the correct bounds*/);

you might want to keep track of this dinamycally added textboxes by adding them into a LinkedList, to use them later

List<JTextField> my_fields = new LinkedList<JTextField>();

with that you should be fine :)
Happy coding pal.

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