hi, i am facing with the ambiguous problem. and i don't know how to solve it. kindly advice.

i try to search the solution for this at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa479312.aspx , it provide me below solution:

Issue 22: Ambiguous references and naming conflicts
The .NET Framework 2.0 adds a host of new namespaces and classes. Several of these are likely to cause clashes with ASP.NET 1.x applications. For example, the new personalization features introduce classes with the names of Profile, Membership, and MembershipUser. The Profile name, in particular, is fairly commonly used by developers who want to keep track of user information. Therefore if you have a Profile class in your application, and you try to use any of the new personalization features, you may encounter compiler warnings about ambiguous class references.

How to fix
Planning ahead for naming conflicts can be rather difficult. You will want to take a quick look through the new ASP.NET classes. If you see any names that might conflict with what you have in your application, you might consider using explicit naming. For example, use System.Web.Security.Membership instead of importing/using System.Web.Security and then using the Membership class.

I not really understand the way to solve it. isn't i need to change the namespace "Threating" in GeoFramework.PocketPC reference to another name to avoid ambiguous error?

May i know how to edit a refference (.dll file)?

kindly advice. thanks in advance.

I am not an expert on Pocket PC but, in general, is a good practice to allways use the fully qualified namespaces in order to avoid this kind of errors.

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