Hi All,

I am trying to retrieve the telephone number from Active Directory for my script, I found alot of examples online, and I tried to implement what I think should make sense (but since I really don't know vb that well, this is problematic). Below is the piece of code:

            ''''Get Phone Number from Active Directory using employee ID retrieved from the logged in user

            Dim dirEntry, de As DirectoryEntry
            Dim dirSearcher As DirectorySearcher
            Dim sr As SearchResult

            dirEntry = New System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry("LDAP://company.com")
            dirSearcher = New System.DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher(dirEntry)
            dirSearcher.Filter = "(employeeID = " & Me.fp.BadgeNo & ")"

            'The PropertiesToLoad.Add method will be useful when retrieving only the selected properties.
            'Users Phone

            sr = dirSearcher.FindOne()

            If sr Is Nothing Then 'return false if user isn't found
                Me.tb_phone.Text = "N/A"
            End If

            'Retrieve the user's Phone Number and assigns them to text boxes
            de = sr.GetDirectoryEntry()

            If Not de.Properties("telephoneNumber").Value Is Nothing Then
                Me.tb_phone.Text = de.Properties("telephoneNumber").Value.ToString()
            End If

After running the script, I am getting the following error: "An operations error occurred" and the error always points to: "sr = dirSearcher.FindOne()"

Please help


Is there no one who can assist/guide me?

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