Hi, i want to make a word processor which looks just like word! any good links? :)

What exactly do you want to do? What is word processor?

Word processor is a main name for text editors, notepads. Like Word, open office.
I want to make a smart word processor... :D

Sorry, never even tried yet. This is know what I do. And besides, it will take you a loooong looong time to create it (flawlessly).

Yes i know, but i really want to make it :D

If you first learn how to make the text editor, you can move on to making more complex things like the word processor (WP).

Yes, these things take time and you can enhance your programming skill with even the text editor example.

What will be the difference between your WP and MS Word or the WP in Star Office and products like that?

If you really want to make it, go ahead.
If you have Visual Studio, you have plenty of options like starting a WinForms or WPF app or even doing it in ASP.NET.

A project of that magnitude might be best posted on one of the code project websites, though.

Check out some of the existing projects:
[These two are from the same programmer]
Word Processor Based Upon an Extended RichTextBox Control
Word Processing with an Extended Rich Text Box Control

I have already made that one :)
but i really want it bigger :D
need some awsome tutorials :)

There are not going to be any tutorials on making something better than that.
There might be better projects, but what you're looking for is held within your own imagination. No one can determine what better means except you.
If you plan on eventually selling this (or living with it), you need to put something unique from your own talent, experience and imagination.
At that point, it will be YOURS.