I have errors for the template can any1 see anything wrong???

//Header file for Array.cpp.
class Array

	//Template for use with the Array's data type.
	//Member Variables.
	int size;
	int grow_size;
	int num_elements;

template<class Datatype>
int m_size;
Datatype* m_array;

	Array( int p_size)
 m_array= new Datatype[p_size];
 size= p_size;

 if( m_array!= 0 )
 delete[] m_array;
 m_array= 0;


Maybe it is not really the case, but IMO the whole class should be a template, not just one function or member...

template <class T>
class Array{
	T* m_array;

Although it's 3:30 am and I might've gotten this wrong.