Hi, I am new to java and I need to work with arrays.
I have found some tutorials, but everywhere was something like

int[] anArray;

        // allocates memory for 10 integers
        anArray = new int[10];

But what if I dont know how long the array will be?
When I tried to do just that:

int[] anArray;

Without allocating memory, Im getting error:

The local variable anArray may not have been initialized.

Can you please help me?

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you can initialize it as null, and then when you know how long will it be, you can assign a new array.

int[] myArray = null;

 //somwhere else at your code
 myArray = new int[10]; //or whatever your lenght will be

just be shure to access it after it is initialized, otherwise you will get NullPointerException.

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