I want my program to just continue as long as the user press any key
How do we do it with only use of scanf??

for example:

int main(void)


/*my program goes here*/

printf("Hit any keys to continues......");
scanf // how?


And what if you aren't using a gcc compiler?

If one's compiler includes the header file conio.h, getch() is most likely defined there. If his or her compiler doesn't include conio.h, the link I posted above may work.

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You aren't listening. Try to learn something...
Look up conio.h in the C Standard...
Look up the information in your link in the C Standard...

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use getch() function for this...no need to use scanf()


printf("press any ket to continue..");


you may also use kbhit()

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getch() with the conio.h provided with some compilers is non ANSI compliant, however, if you use the user defined method outlined at http://zobayer.blogspot.com/2010/12/getch-getche-in-gccg.html
you would get ANSI/ISO compliant code. The output from my compiler when I tell it to enforce strict ANSI

andy@debian:~/prog/c$ gcc -Wall -pedantic -ansi conio.h -o conio

No errors or warnings are displayed when I compile the header.

3.3.2 Strict ANSI/ISO

The command-line option -pedantic in combination with -ansi will cause gcc to reject all GNU C extensions, not just those that are incompatible with the ANSI/ISO standard. This helps you to write portable programs which follow the ANSI/ISO standard.


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