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Hi !
I'm trying to learn about sockets using winsock in c++. What I want to do is have one computer (my computer) act as a mini server for my friend to connect to directly from his house (different ISP). I am wondering if it is possible using sockets to connect directly without the need to use webpages ? If yes, please direct me to the relevant resources.

I have a basic chat program set up which works fine as long as it's within my router (I can connect to a 2nd computer in my local network with a 192.168.x.x address). It fails to bind when I try to connect across the internet to my friend at an address like 144.x.x.x (or vice versa). I've also tested this with a chat server I found online and it also fails over the internet.

To quote what I have read somewhere I need to, "redirect traffic to that port to your server, which will have a 192.168 address". I don't know how to do this...

I have scanned my ports using a website which found no open ports (probably due to my firewall?).

'tracert' stops hoping after 5 nodes when trying to hop to my friend's world wide web IP.

Please help! Thank you !!

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