Hi all,

We have just upgraded our btinternet router, and they gave me the old one to experiment with. The router is identical to this one. A friend thinks a script would have to be written in C++.

The router has all of its config stuff on a web interface, so I wondered if it were possible to have files stored on the server, accessible via the web interface, possibly building up to doing it with a wireless connection. I am guessing something like an ftp server?

What do you think guys? Possible? Any hints to get started?



Yes this is possible - But, you need to be specific in what it is exactly you want to do, and, what language you want to do this in. Let's look at what you will need (IMO):

  • The router you have needs DHCP turns off.

  • The router needs to connect to the router that connects to the internet.

  • You need another device (external harddrive, or, a computer to connect the router to it).

  • You need to port forward 80 and 22 on the router BUT to the computer/hard drive that you have port- forwarded to.

You will now be given an IP address (internal: -> external: etc) in which you can type into a Web browser OR ssh into.

Now in terms of software, I don't think C++ is the best option for this (IMO).. Yes, I suppose you can make a good, solid FTP server BUT if you just want to use it then you might as well build something simple and yet effective in PHP etc. Obviously, you will need to have a web server running, but, this is not too complex at all. If I was doing this (in your position), I would go down the PHP route IMO but I may extend it to have a C++ interface in the future when I know more about this area.

Hope this helps :)

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