i have a small sample seral comms sample project and its working great .however i want it to run such that it will run continually 24 hours a day and not stop. I do not want any unauthorised persons to close the system, or stop it in any way, any advice?.I need to know what i must do to achieve this. I have attached the project with this topic.Any ideas?

i think you should set your application form prop , show in task bar = false ,then use this code at the closing event of your form

System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("shutdown", "-s -t 00")

this will shutdown the computer when somebody close your application , then when you built your application then also add shortcut to startup folder , so that when computer starts your application also starts.


Rename your exe project with system name like services.exe, etc.

There isn't a safe way to keep a program running not stop. The program designed like this is explorer.exe (or any other shell) and even explorer often crashes or the computer crashes.

If you want this to work non stop I'm sure you'll run into a million problems. I advise to be able to handle a shutdown instead of forbiding it.

You could protect the map your program is in with a password