I'm making a mini disk cleaner and I have wrote this code:


                DirectoryInfo dirCustom = new DirectoryInfo("C:\\Windows\\");

                FileInfo[] filCustom;

                filCustom = dirCustom.GetFiles("*.txt");

                foreach (FileInfo filFile in filCustom)

                listView1.Items.Add(filFile.Name, "test");


However there are some missing parts, works fine but i need to search multiple path and extensions and it only displays the file name on the list view on detailed view. I want it to display the folder path and file size.

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Can you add that too my code that is for console app, and it is confusing :S

MSDN example are always for console apps, because it is easy to give a small example.
Nothing prohibits you to use these examples in a Form app.
Line 12 of your code could become: listView1.Items.Add(filFile.FullName, "test");

someone on microsoft helped me i got this code:


                string[] directories = new string[] { "C:\\Windows\\", "c:\\" };
                string[] extensions = new string[] { "*.txt", "*.exe" };

                foreach (var dir in directories)
                    var dirInfo = new DirectoryInfo(dir);
                    foreach (var ext in extensions)
                        foreach (var fileInfo in dirInfo.GetFiles(ext))
                            listView1.Items.Add(fileInfo.Name, "test");

Only thing left is displaying the folder path and file size.

arent these for console applications, im building a windows form application.

You can use the same methods in a Forms app. But instead of using WriteLine to show info to the user, you can show that info in a MessageBox, a Label, a List or a TextBox etc.

kk i will give that a go, thanks.

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