Hi guys. I have an activex which was installed to my computer by an other application.. i will be clear, I DO NOT WANT TO "STEAL" their files etc..

So i made a project using "their" ocx and my project works fine. I copied their ocx file to my bin/debug (where my project is build)..then i uninstall the "original" program..when i run now my exe it works good..but when i run it from different computers my program wont start :(
I make a rar file with the following files and i transfer them to a different computer but my program wont run..

Now if to an other computer i install the "original" program, then my program will run too..so i guess that my program wont get the foo.ocx that i copied to the root folder of the program but it wants to get the "original" ocx file..

when i say original etc i dont mean that im trying to copy or crack or whatever the program..im just using it to explain you what i want to do.. so i guess theres something i miss..i need to "connect" my program with the ocx that i copied so it wont need the whole "original" program to be installed.. thanks

i needed to register it.. thanks ;)

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