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I'm trying to create an array of structs, of which the array size is defined by the user in the program. eg. p[0], p[1], p[2].....

typedef struct
int score;

void main()
int numPlayers;

printf ("\nEnter number of players (1 - 4)\n");
scanf ("%d", &numPlayers);


The problem is I don't know where to go from here. I've tried this, but it says I need to enter a constant value.

player p[numPlayers];

I believe I can use malloc, but I'm quite unsure about how to use it.
Any tips?

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Just use

struct mys

struct mys * pointer = (struct mys*)malloc(num_elements * sizeof(struct mys));

There are a few other considerations when using malloc . The function returns NULL if memory can't be allocated, so you need to test for that possibility:

void *mem = malloc(size);
if(mem == NULL) // or if(!mem)
    // error handling

You also need to free the memory when you're done:

mem = NULL;

These are generic examples that you'll have to modify for your program.

This wikipedia article has much more information if you're interested.

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