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This is probably kind of simple but trying to understand . When the button is press create a person or an employee based on the above checkbox. Put all of the form data into the class object using either the constructor or properties.Display all of the class information using a ToString method and a messagebox.

I haven't go the To String messagebox yet but this is what I have:

private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            Members obj = new Members();
            obj.Name = "";
            obj.Age = "";
            obj.COB = "";


But looking at something when it said create either a person or an employee based on the above checkbox well whats in the checkbox is Salary and JobTitle. Or does it want what was before the Checkbox which is Name,Age, and COB. But as you see this is what I have i was assuming to pull all the data into the class object but I get an error when I try to add salary and jobtitle to the members obj.I am getting a bit confused.