hey i want to put two values into one dict and am not sure how to achieve this. i want it to look like this. what am trying to do is a dictionary that holds the date as the key, and a dictionary as its value. That dictionary will contain the ip addresses encountered as keys, and the number of times they've been counted as values.

{'Feb 7': {'': 15},
'Feb 8': {'': 14, '': 14, '': 5},
'Jan 10': {'': 13, '': 15}}

here my current code and what i currently getting in dict

myfile = open('auth','r')

desc_ip = {}
desc_ip['date'] = {} 

count_ip = 0

for line in myfile:
    if 'Failed password for' in line:

        line_of_list = line.split()

        ip_address_port = ' '.join(line_of_list[0:2])
        ip_address_list = ip_address_port.split(':')
        ip_address = ip_address_list[0]
        if desc_ip['date'].has_key(ip_address):
            desc_ip['date'] = ip_address
        ip_address = line_of_list[-4]
        if ip_address in desc_ip:
            count_ip = desc_ip[ip_address]
            count_ip = count_ip +1
            desc_ip[ip_address] = count_ip
            #zero out the temporary counter as a precaution
            count_ip =0
            desc_ip[ip_address] = 1

for ip in desc_ip.keys():
	print ip ,' has', desc_ip[ip] , ' attacks'

here my current dict

{'': 13,
'': 15,
'': 14,
'': 14,
'': 15,
'': 5}

here a few lines from the file

Jan 10 09:32:09 j4-be03 sshd[3876]: Failed password for root from port 47084 ssh2
Feb 7 17:19:24 j4-be03 sshd[10740]: Failed password for root from port 46752 ssh2

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Use a list

for key in ["a", "b", "a", "c", "c"]:
    if key not in some_dict:

print some_dict

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PS, is there a list comprehension way to do this in 1-2 lines? I use this so often that I'd like to shorten the syntax.


Don't know the structure of your data, but the previous example other way:

data = "abacc"
some_dict={key:[k for k in data if k == key] for key in set(data)}

print some_dict
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