Hello i am finishing up a pop3 program and now am looking for a way to view the html i receive form the pop3 server that comes along with some messages. People have told me to use a web browser but that seem over kill. Could i dissect a web browser and replace the ip stream with a stream from my pop messages? Thanks for any advice. Ill display code later if i find anyhting of value.

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In general, a web browser is the proper choice for viewing HTML. I'd suggest that trying to interposition data streams to a browser is going to be much more difficult than saving the message (in HTML format) to a file and calling a browser from within your program to view the file.
If you are set against using a browser, perhaps you could translate the HTML to another format and display that? There are tools for converting HTML to various other formats - these tools probably have an API for interfacing to them programatically.

How are you getting the data back (as HTML) from a pop server?
Are you talking about the body of an email or the scraping of a web page?

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