Can anyone tell me how to reference methods of new instance of an object?

For example i have a usercontrol with a couple of text boxes. The class for this control has a method that validates if the text boxes are empty and if so opens a message box or returns the values of these boxes.

A new instance of this usercontrol is being created on a windows form at runtime and docked into a container panel. The idea is that i can use a button on the form which calls the validation method which this control has in its class. However because the object has not been instansiated until runtime i am unable to reference its methods in the form.cs. I know i could drag and drop the usercontrol onto the form but i may wish to have multiple controls on this form.

The reason for doing is to eventualy create multiple pages (usercontrols) on one windows form. I realise i could use tab control but its ugly and i havent learnt how to use ownerdraw....yet!

Thanks in advance

1) put the object higher in scope
2) make the methods static and have them validate objects of the same type.
3) make a helper class that does nothing but the validation.