How does one simply make a mutator or setter for an array of strings? I have made a inspector or accessor but cant seem to figure out how to make a mutator.

much appreciated.

struct StringArray
   char sArray[10][10];
   void setString(char *s, int pos) {strcpy(sArray[pos], s);}

setString should change/set/mutate sArray by assigning s to element pos in sArray.

You need to use strcpy() to "assign" one C style string to another. You would need to be sure there is enough room in sArray[pos] to accomodate s in order to avoid a bug that might otherwise be difficult to spot.

You can change how you declare sArray.

Easy, you just return a reference from the indexing operator. Here's what I mean:

class int_array {
    int arr[10];
    // element accessor:
    int operator[](int i) const { return arr[i]; };
    // element mutator:
    int& operator[](int i) { return arr[i]; };

And that's it, same for std::string elements or anything else.