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Today, I am going to take a break off from other software and take a review on one of the .NET component; I would call it Spire.xls. The product title says it all, the main purpose of having this software is to enable developers/programmers to fast generate, read, write and modify Excel document for .NET and Silverlight.

These are the features of Spire.xls, if you happen to browse through their official site.

Directly Operate Excel Document
Format Cells
Insert Content to Excel Document
Conversion - Only for .NET
Marker Designer

Well, let’s not get over the list of features given by the official site. That is not the reason why you are here. You are here because you want a user review on this software. I will split now and we will head to the conclusion after that.

1. Directly Operate Excel Document
Direct operation means Microsoft Excel is not necessary on your system, it achieved that. Users can use Spire.XLS for .NET to create new workbook, edit exist worksheet, save to stream/web response, set up properties, worksheet print set up, cells merge, copy, etc. Amazingly, Spire.XLS for .NET also enables users to lock or unlock worksheet.
2. Import/Export
Honestly, that is not my main focus point. Like their official site says, importing data from datatable to spreadsheet and exporting data from spreadsheet to datatable is quite easy and quick.
3. Format Cells
That really makes me satisfied. Spire.Xls shows powerful functions on cells formatting. It allows you to Format number, Text Alignment, Font, Cell Border, Cell Fill, Cell Protection, Interior, etc. And it is much better than Microsoft Word Automation in terms of stability, security, scalability, speed, features.
4. Insert Content to Excel Document
Adding content to Excel document always happens. The question is which kind of content it supports. Spire.xls allows you to insert Formula (all 531 entries supported), Chart (all 74 types supported), insert Image, Insert Pivot Table, insert RichText, insert Hyperlink, insert Comments, and insert VBA. That helps a lot.

5. Conversion
On the aspect of conversion, the more supported, the better it is. The following is what Spire.XLS for .NET supports: Excel to PDF, Excel to HTML, Excel to CSV, Excel to Text, Excel to Image and Excel to XML. Pretty good , most of popular files can be transferred to Excel, like XML to Excel, CSV to Excel and insert images into Excel.
6. Marker Designer
In this field, Spire.XLS for .NET provides Template, Auto Populate, Style Copy and Variables

The last thing I tested is their support services. I wish their demos a bit more details provided, more guiding screenshot are available.

Overall, I find this product is quite a good product for every .NET project involving MS Excels. If you are looking for a .NET component for Excel, Spire.Xls is truly a sound choice. I will recommend you this software where you can try it with just a click

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