Whats the best and easy way to learn JAVA and anyone can suggest a very good and simple website to learn and workout JAVA codes.

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zeroliken thnks and my frnd says that links are for guys who have some knowledge in programming and i m looking something for a new fresh head who knows nothing abt java...so if u could help then thanks a lot in advance


no. that link is ment for "starting with Java", which is the main reason it's called "Starting java". there is no 'quick & easy' way to learn how to code. it's not just about knowing a bit about the syntax, you'll also need to understand the logic behind it all, and where to find information when you're stuck.

if you are new to Java development, that thread is exactly what you need.


Just learn the basics and then start programming. Just google what you don't already know or search for it in the official documentation.

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