Hi every one. I need help with regards to application distribution. The application i have made is in vb.net with sql server as database. I have 2 laptops . i want to install the application on both computer So that one computer will be for administrator and other for employee. Please can any one tell me how to do it.

For such a small deployment, I suggest using Click Once Deployment.

You can deploy your application by publishing the application.

The settings can be set in options for the desktop icon ect..

You will simply need to naviagte to the publish directory and then run the setup.exe in that directory.

ok suppose i do this how would my admin see what booking employee has done because both admin and employee will be using same application but on two different laptops where admin will have all privilges and employee will have certain.

you have to connect both laptops , one laptop have db server , and one has just your application , make users , and assign user roles , then just get the data of any kind inserted deleted , etc of specific user.