Hi All,

I am working on a program where I want to keep the length of message in bytes to further working on it.

the message got this string in it.

message^ m = gcnew message("usa.weather");

I have to keep the length of this argument that is routing key of this message "usa.weather" in bytes. Its so important for me to sort out this today. Please HELP

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String Msg = "usa.weather";
message^ m = gcnew message(Msg);

unsigned char buffer[Msg.length()];
memcpy(buffer, Msg.data(), Msg.length());


copy(Msg.begin(), Msg.end(), buffer);

Actually I want to count the length of a complete message in Rabbit MQ . May be anyone knows about it.

Is it a C++ 'string' or a c-style 'c-string'

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