Please guide me to write how to write a C code for converting Unicodes (like 0905  for अ). the output i.e. अ should be written to a text file.


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This would be a lot easier in c++ due to the unicode. Here's a link on it.

Here's a link to with some info on unicode and C

Though, I'm not sure whether it will help you in the case of Hindi.

And even if it did, it is written in C++, not C :)

And even if it did, it is written in C++, not C

Oh, I didn't realize that earlier. This is what happens when you go on switching between the C and C++ forums.

Well precisely, can anyone help me writing a C code for converting Unicode data to ASCII data. Unicode data to be read from a particular file. like the file contains (नमस्ते) 10 times in seperate rows.

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