I am doing a registration system, and my system should have a report by using a bar/pie chart.
How i want to create a bar chart with value generate from database. what component should i have to create those chart? im using visual studio 2008 and mysql query...

Anyone can give me any idea?

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Use this and set the chart type as desired.

i want get the value from the database...

If the charts are table driven you can query the database and then store the data into a data table.

I have follow this Link Anchor Text, under topic Chart Control in Windows Application but when run the program the chart is not generate at all...

this is what i have set, i choose pel_tahun

my database

no error but when run the program, the result is...empty, only whitespace is appear

may i knnow why?

Can we see the code that you are using to fill the chart?

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