i want to develop a c program from which i can lock the dos commands.
example. when user enters a dos command, it request for a administrative password. after providing password, it executes that command.also, it facilitates to lock and unlock commands of dos.


Is this for real DOS (MSDOS 5, Windows 95/98's DOS) or W2K/XP's emulated DOS prompt(cmd.exe). This choice changes a lot on the solution.

Loren Soth

I think he's meaning C, not C#, in DOS. Moving to the appropriate forum.

Please keep in mind, we're not here to do your work for you. Please post some code, and we can help troubleshoot your code, not design it for you.

in MS-Windows NT/W2K/XP, cmd.exe is the shell emulator, Win95/98 it was (is) command.com. So if you want to lock out the command prompt you will have to write your own version of either cmd.exe or command.com. It would require a firm understanding of C language and win32 api functions to accomplish that. Definitely not a project for new students.

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