I want to make a program that it can create a HTML page. It should be able to make a table (with data provided) using the HTML by the program itself.

This code also uses wsgi so when the program runs you will need to type the localhost on a browser.

But there are some errors in this code and I am not exactly sure what is wrong with them. Any suggestions?

[code]def table(headings, data):

tableString = """<html>
<title>This is the Title</title>
        """ + getHeaders(headings) + """
    """ + getRows(data) + """

def getHeaders(headings):
headers = ""
count = 0
while count <len(headings):
head = headings[count]
headers += "<th>%</th>\n" % head
count = count +1

def getRows(data):
rowentry = " "
for row in data:
#rowentry += "<tr>%s..."
rowitem = ""
count = 0
while count <len(row):
cell = row[count]
rowitem += "<tr>%s</tr>" % cell
count = count + 1
rowentry += "<tr>%s</tr>" % (rowitem)
return rowentry

from wsgiref import simple_server

def application(headers, start_response):
headers = [('content-type', 'text/html')]
start_response('200 OK', headers)

    tablehead = ['First Name', 'Last Name', 'Age'}
    tabledata = [['Steve', 'Cassidy', '21'],
                ['John', 'Smith', '22'],
                ['Mary', 'Margaret', '23']],
    print table(tablehead, tabledata)
    return [table(tablehead, tabledata)]

if name = 'main':
server = simple_server.make_server('localhost', 8080, application)
print 'Running server...'[/code]

Could you repost with new code markup, which is indention by at least 4 spaces, after empty line, so you could do in your python editor:

ctrl-A, indent, ctrl-C, undo (or close without saving)

and paste it to your post. Or make empty line, paste code, select it by mouse and clic the Code from menu ribbon.

Start by testing your functions. This is very basic stuff. So in the function "table", print tableString at the end. Also you should be getting a syntax error on this line
if name = 'main':

Try one of the many tutorials on the web. The correct way for "name = main" is towards the bottom.