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I am trying to access files which are on a shared network file system, but not sure which python API I should be using.

For example the IP address of the file system is
1. From windows if i want to access this server i simply go to "Start"->"Run"->"\" & click "OK"
2. There is a prompt for username & password, after entering the username/password.
3. A folder opens up with the files present on the server.
4. Now if i want to download anything i simply copy paste or drag & drop.

I want to implement something similar using python, I tried FTP, SSH (paramiko module) but looks like the server is not setup for FTP & SSH. I would really appreciate if any one out there could throw some light as to which python module I should be using.

Thanks & Regards

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One way, but not the brightest, is to simulate a connection via sockets to your server, where you could retrive information from it.
Here's the Python module for it: Click Here.

You could use an xmlrpc server on the remote computer. See the standard library module xmlrpclib.

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