I tried writing this logic gate with software (estudio) but I am finding difficulties with it.. I understand this may be entry level stuff... but i have never written assembly code in my life.. and I got this off a task.. wud appreciate if someone helps wif my questions.. i currently am working on the task also...

• Develop the assembly code that will run on the estudio Coldfire 5206 simulator to emulate the 2 input AND, OR, NAND, NOR, logic functions.
• The parallel port should be programmed to have pins 4 to 7 set as outputs and pins 0 to 3 set as inputs.
• Pins 0 and 1 should be used to control the logic function to be simulated, an input on these pins of binary 0 should set the logic function to AND, binary 1 sets the logic function to OR, binary 2 sets the logic function to NAND and binary 3 sets the logic function to NOR. Pins 2 and 3 should be used for the logic state inputs.
• Pin 7 should output the logic state to an LED.
• Produce a short written description (One side of A4 paper maximum, printed in 11 point verdana with single line spacing).
• The written description should include the table shown in figure 1 below with the question marks (?) replaced by the appropriate logic levels (0 or 1).

thank you...

So many things wrong with this post. :V

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