I'm a 'JMenu Expert' or w/e, but I've used JMenus a few times before and have gotten them to do what I needed them to do...

However, I am trying to do a new thing, and I'm not actually sure it's possible in java (maybe in Xcode)

I am using a Mac, and I'm trying to make one of those universal statusbar menuitems... (like the little spotlight magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of the screen) where it is visible from all applications, but has all of the other same properties as a JMenu.

I also see that the 'JMenuBar' along with it's 'JMenu's appear on the top of the current java frame.. I want to add this new menu to the top, system-wide menubar at the top of the screen.

So my question is, how can I add a status menubar item to the top right of the screen that is visible from any app?

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you can use JToolbar, this container is dockable and movable out/in from/to the Container (e.g. JFrame)

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you can use JToolbar, this container is dockable and movable out/in from/to the Container (e.g. JFrame)

oh wow, lol.. that first sentence was supposed to say "I'm NOT a JMenu expert"... lol

that sounded like I just thought I was the shit... and I don't. My bad, and thanks for the tip, I'll do that.. but when you say that the JToolbar is dockable, do you mean that it can be moved by code, or will the user have to move it every time the program is run? Oh, and also, how do I move it?

lol, I promise I'm not a conceited tool.. lol

btw, I tried that JToolbar thing, and it is almost right when I get rid of the window decorations, but not quite.. my Mac menubar just covered it up... If there was a JToolBar("name", JToolBar.STATUSBAR) or something, then it would be right... is there something else I should do so that it is next to the menu with the name of the program, or horizontally aligned with that, but to the right?

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