As I mentioned in an earlier post of mine that I have my computer exam on th 26th March 2012.. So I was just wondering if anyone could provide me with some programming questions for my school level which I could practice on my own.
If anyone is posting me practice questions then I request do not forget that am just in class Tenth.. Please do not give something whish is sbove my level.
Thanks, Ordella

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Hi-Lo Game, Prime Number Generator, Calculator ...

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Hi-Lo Game, Prime Number Generator, Calculator ...

Thanks a lot Smeagel13 for your suggestions, but I have already done these!!!
Regards, Ordella

bit hard to do, since we don't know what level you're at, what your curriculum exists of.
just java core, have you been taught Swing (NetBeans WYSIWYG or actual coding), have you been learning frameworks, ...

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