I have a problem with netbeans....
Already I installed MySql. but in netbeans Services panal not mention anything about databases..
If I right click on their its not mention anything..
I want to add database through that. So how I can do it. What are the pre-Requirement to do this(Any configurations)

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I tried...But its not working with me.Even I need to work with "Apache Tomcat"..
Can you post sevaral other links to refer


you're not supposed to run your db "in netbeans". you just need to write the code to connect to your MySQL DB.
it's not working ... what does that mean? did you get to set the settings all correct (not just copy paste, but linked to your own db), is there an error message, ...


Very sorry if its not cleared...
Actually i can work with MySql adding mysql-jconnector.jar file...
but that is not what i want..
I need add database to services panel,using right click on database..


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Sorry I do not see any issue there. You just failing to express what is problem.

To set database in NetBeans right click on Databases in Service tab, select if you want to use NetBeans provided connector or you want to use your connecter in which case you need to point the file.
Next one is plain simple, if local installation leave localhost if remote you need to provide IP address. set new user name and password and you ready to use (can always test your connection with "Test Connection" button). NewConnectionWizard



To set database in NetBeans right click on Databases in Service tab,

To set database in NetBeans right click on Databases in Service tab, "

This is the problem dear peter budo,
if I right click but its not work(Its not right clicked) I can't get the "New Connection Wizard"

why it is happen like that?? (its not problem of the mouse.. lol ;-0) )


Reinstall NetBeans, there is something wrong with your installation as this action of adding new connection should be working, I had no problems at all with NB 7.1.1

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