Hi, All. I created several basic programs on Visual C# Express and now I'd like to get into the Web Developing / ASP.NET side of Visual Studio. I downloaded Visual Web Developer and all my previous C# programs are now accessible and editable with Visual Web Developer. So, my question is this: Can Visual Web Developer handle all the C# application coding that Visual C# Express was handling? What are the differences in this respect? I'm new to the Visual Studio, so I appreciate any help very much. I'm a bit confused by the apparent redundancy between some of the Visual Studio IDEs. Thank you!

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if u have visual studio, why u need visual web developer!!!!

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very unhelpful and agressive response

Hold on there... I never wrote that I have the Visual Studio. I am using the EXPRESS versions - again, specifically Visual C# Express and Visual Web Developer Express.

Visual Studio Express consists of the following separate products:

* Visual Basic Express
* Visual Web Developer Express
* Visual C++ Express
* Visual C# Express
* SQL Server Express
* Express for Windows Phone

Thanks for your most unhelpful response to a newbie, btw.

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