i have three text boxes tb1 has timeIn tb2 has TimeOut and i have a Button which shows the time duration between them i have used time diffrence method bt it is unable to calculate the duration it only gives the difference which create problem when time is greater than 24 hrs

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You can use a TimeSpan

Above poster is correct use a timespan. Here is an example.

            Timespan ts = DateTime1 - DateTime2;


TimeSpan ts = DateTime1.Subtract(DateTime2); //date1 is newer then date2

thanx for the responce but timespan is nt enough intelligent and does not work properly because when i enter time1 as 23:00 and time2 as 8:00 (in 24 hrs) it gives -15:00 but the answer should be 9:00
whereas my logic is to create a counter which should b enough intelligent that it will start the counter from the value in tb1 and stops till the value in tb2 but i don't know much about counter how to handle it i want something like this
tb1 = 23:00:00 1-jan-12
tb2 = 05:00:00 3-jan-12
answer should be
tb3 = 30:00:00

  1. if you would provide date too, it would calculate it correctly.
  2. or try somethig like:

     private void button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
         DateTime t1 = Convert.ToDateTime(textBox1.Text);
         DateTime t2 = Convert.ToDateTime(textBox2.Text);
         if (t2 < t1)
            t2 = t2.AddDays(1);
         TimeSpan ts = t2.Subtract(t1);
         MessageBox.Show(string.Format("The difference is {0}:{1}", ts.Hours, ts.Minutes));

Dont forget to add some "protection" to dates, in case if there is an error input, like:

     DateTime t1;
     if(DateTime.TryParse(textBox1.Text, our t1))
         //go on... all ok
         MessageBox.Show("Wrong input time or date...");

Hope it helps,

If you ask me, you better use a standard control DateTimePicker for determination of time. I hope you find this feature can help.

    public static int TimeDiff(string From, string To)
        int result = 0;
        DateTime Start = new DateTime();
        DateTime End = new DateTime();

        Start = DateTime.Parse(From);
        End = DateTime.Parse(To);
        result = End.CompareTo(Start);

        return result;
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