If you could change one thing about C# or the .Net framework what would it be?

If I could change one thing about C#, using would be imports.

What do you mean with Imports?
And this is some strange question. For this, you better turn directly on Microft developers (who created this application, and if your proposal would be the one to consider, Im sure they will listen you).

Your suggested change just shows that you have no idea what 'using' is doing. It is not importing anything. It's just telling the compiler that you want to use a shortcut for the name of some classes.

C# is not C/C++. Just because they have similar syntax doesn't mean they work the same.

I think you both took this thread too seriously. I meant it to be fun, light disscussion. My suggestion wasn't based on anything more then I like the keyword import better then using. Also I don't really want the developers to change anything. I just want to know what people would change if they could.

I would make all of the dot net languages use using instead of Imports.
Also, I would put IntelliSense back in C++ (for dot net).