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I click yes, thought so, this never popup when I'm compile any file before.

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can anyone explain what I'm doing wrong here, I mean, I just copied all the code given in the book (Accelerated C++), then try to compile, but fail. help? =(.

You've not installed your compiler properly. Particularly, the path to the files it needs.

so, should I re-install my compile?

anyone help? I'm searching for solution overnight for this, when compile some other code, this not happen, but for this one, it happen, see the here Code

for some unknown reasons, re-install the IDE make it work well ;O

Seems to be what Moschops said 2 days ago...

for Code::Block user, because of several times having same problem today, and after searched the net, the problem lies behind the "Compile File" and "Link File" that I set on properties(should not have set up any random setting that I don't know =..=)

makesure both option UN-check (only check "Compile File" if you want to make the header file as precompile file)

that's all. ;D