if( strcmp(z->Rev->x.y,z->x.y) > 0)

In this statement i want to swap the pNext and pPrev. How will be the assignment look like?

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Why did you create so many threads for the same problem? It just confuses people. see my answer here: http://www.daniweb.com/software-development/c/threads/419598/linked-list-sorting

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C Programming: How to change position of nodes in a link list?
How to change position of nodes in a link list?

if( strcmp(current->Next->a.data,current->a.data) < 0){

I want current->next to be the current and current to be the current -> next?
How to do it?What is the assignment?
How to swap positions or links like this

Not swapped
(C B A )


(A B C)

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