Hi Folks,

I just got a new 64 bit Windows 7 system and I'd like to install the 64 bit versions of Java and Netbeans. I found the 64 bit Java download here:


But I can't find the 64 bit Netbeans. I'm pretty sure it exists because I see it being discussed in forum posts. Does anyone know where to download it?

Also, does anhyone have any experience with the 64 bit versions of these programs? Any words of advice?


Netbeans is just pure java code. It is neither 32-bit nor 64-bit. The jdk executables that you installed are 64-bit, so your java programs can access more RAM and such. I use 64-bit Java daily in my position as senior systems engineer for a tier-one mobile phone manufacturer, both on Windows 7 as well as on Linux.