Hi, I want to write my own programming language in C #. Want some good stories and tutorial (preferably video).

Waleed Ahmed

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Ans what will this program be about? You can start reading books (better way to get started) or read MSDN`s help (type C# msdn in goodle) on internet.


C# is a programming language. You want to develop a programming language like c#, or you are interested in writing your own scripting language based on C#?


The first thing you should contemplate is how your programming language will be different from or better than any existing language. ...and how committed to it you will be.


i think in order to create your own programing lang you have to know deep knowledge about assembly lang . complier , assembler.
every programing lang first convert in assembly lang before machine code. so you can simple make a text editor , define some reserve words like in every programing lang , and after that make convert all your reserve words to respected assembly code and execute your code.
this is simple over view i know to create a programming lang is not this much easy but this will give a little bit idea how it works , if possible first study about compiler , assembler. and as thines01 said it totaly depend on your commitment . you can create simple commands of your own by doing this.

hope this will help you and give you an idea.


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